Mission Statement

Krystyn’s mission is to show her clients that fabulous, personal style can be accessible no matter who you are. She welcomes anyone looking to find confidence in the way they dress. Age, weight, height, gender, non-gender, race—it doesn’t matter! Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Her goal through styling is to help express her client’s personality in a visual manor, and really showcase who they are as individuals. 





First consultation will always be free.

Client shares who they are, what their needs are, or expectations.


Closet Check UP

The closet check up will entail Krystyn making a house call and going through your closet. She will advise and sort out pieces that are essential, things that need to be altered to fit you better, and items to donate or consign. It is ultimately your decision whether to keep, discard, or donate the items. Krystyn recommends. She will always guide you—never force you. 


Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping will have Krystyn shopping for you at, but not limited to, department stores, boutiques, shops, and online retailers. Before Krystyn goes shopping you must fill out the Personal Shopping form.


Special Ocassion

Special occasion include, but not limited to, weddings, parties, appearances, and red carpet events. This will include 2+ fittings. A tailor will be on site to make any needed adjustments to the garment. 


Wardrobe Photoshoot

If you have an upcoming photoshoot like for an engagement, pregnancy, business headshots, etc.,

I can style an assortment geared towards your needs. If you need a photographer, I can provide one for the shoot as well.